Information for AI Artists

If you are a new AI artist and just received your Google Drive link ... congratulations you are an awesome AI artist, and welcome aboard!

Here are some useful bits of information you as an AI artist should know to provide the best artwork files for printing and to have an enjoyable experience with our AI art gallery.

Image Sizes

The minimum image size we can use is 4096 × 4096 pixels. Generally the higher the resolution is, the larger the images we can print are.

Here are a few suggestions for approximate (which means you don't need the exact numbers specified, there is some flexibility in the system) image resolutions to ensure the best results:


 Image Ratio Image Size in Pixels
1:1 4096 × 4096 or better 8000 × 8000 to 10000 × 10000
2:3/3:2 6000 × 9000 or 8000 × 12000
16:9 10000 × 6000 or 16000 × 9000


File Types

Ideally you provide your images as PNG files (which are uncompressed "portable network graphics" files"). JPG/JPEG files are acceptable too but not preferred as this is a compressed file format and it tends to perform poorly with red colors and it often has "color banding".

If your AI image generator provides JPG files as output you should immediately convert it to a PNG file before doing any other post-processing.

File Sizes

Generally file sizes will be around 5-50 megabytes in size. In some rare cases they can be even larger. If your files are larger than 100 megabytes we should probably talk about it and see why that is happening.


We pay you 31 days after the item was delivered to the purchaser - that is when the return/refund period ends. We pay you 70% of the profit via PayPal or bank transfer or any other means that works for both of us.

The profits are calculated by subtracting the production/material cost, taxes, and delivery cost from the items price. Production/material cost is usually between $20 and $60 (depending on size of item), taxes are 20% and delivery is usually between $10 and $30 (again depending on size of item).

Is there a cap to our share? NEW

Yes, if our 30% cut exceeds $100 we will cap it at $100 and all the rest of the profit goes to the artist, so if an item - for examples - sells as 1/1 for $10k and the production cost + taxes + shipping is about $100 then our cut of the remaining $9.9k profit would be limited to $100. This means you as artist get closer to 98% of the profit rather than the default 70%.

How to sell your AI artwork with us?

Simply send us a direct message on Twitter to @wwwAIgallery and we will check out your AI artwork to see if it is suitable for our gallery.

Once accepted we will send you a link to a shared Google Drive folder where you can upload your artwork.

What is the process for publishing your artwork?

Once you have the Google Drive folder link we created for you, simply create a new folder for every piece of art you would like to publish. Give the folder the name of the artwork.

In that folder simply upload the high resolution image file AND add an "info.txt" file (an "info" Google Docs file, please no Microsoft Word files) containing a description we can use on your artwork page, i.e. the way the artist describes the item.

Also in the info.txt file you can (optional) provide details about the AI you used, which prompt you used, what post-processing was performed, etc.

4 simple steps (to summarize):

  • Create a folder on our shared Google Drive
  • Rename the folder to the artwork's name
  • Upload the high resolution image into the folder
  • Add an info.txt file with an image description (and optional extra info)
  • Optional: message us on Twitter to let us know your new item is ready

What AI Art you should provide?

All AI art on this site is non-exclusive (unless agreed upon otherwise for specific individual items) so you can use it and sell it in which ever way you like anywhere else.

The best AI art to provide us with is work that represents you as AI artist best, which is usually the work you like most. Ideally you'd also have high expectations for the artwork to sell well.

How many items can you provide?

As many as you like. Please be aware it might take us a few days to add it to the gallery if we are very busy.

Can you provide multiple similar items?

Yes! It gives visitors a bit more choice when you provide related or similar items. Initially it might be best to stick to 2 or 4 such art pieces and create more if they sell well. This is of course optional. If you prefer to have unique "flagship" items only that is fine too. We do not want to limit your options as artist.

How do we promote you?

We are very active on social media and all AI artists and artwork are prominently featured and promoted on our Twitter, Instagram & Facebook (links in footer).

We also permanently run ads of various kinds on Google, Facebook Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to promote the artists, artwork and the AI gallery itself.

When and how many items will you sell?

Unfortunately we cannot give you a good answer for this question. It depends on many factors. The store is very new (launched on January 1st 2023) and the idea of selling physical prints of AI art is just as new and also untested. We know search engines will keep sending more and more traffic over time. We will keep promoting your artwork as much as we can on many channels including paid ads. Please be patient and consider your contribution an investment that will pay over time.

Once your art starts selling we will encourage you to add more similar items to make sure you can benefit from the growing popularity of particular artworks.

Can you remove artwork from our gallery?

Yes, of course we won't stop you from stopping sales of your art on our site. If that happens we will set the item to "out of stock" but the page will still reman to avoid missing page errors with search engines and links that might already be published on the internet (Web, email, social media, etc.).

How to improve your gallery?

Make sure your artist profile at the top of your gallery is great. If it is missing links, please DM us on Twitter. Also we can post lot more information at the bottom of any AI artist page - please just DM us on Twitter what you would like us to post.

How to improve your art listing pages?

At the bottom of each artwork's page is a "You may also like" section. If this section is not promoting your artwork well enough (showing related artwork), please DM us on Twitter and we will fix that asap.

Any other questions?

If you want to know anything else, please message us on Twitter and we will do our best to answer you right away and also add the information to this page if it can be useful to the other AI artists.