Tips for AI Artists

Last update: 2023-02-10

Here are a couple of things we would like to share with any AI artist to increase their chances of making money selling AI art.

Don't make images too dark

This is meant literally and metaphorically. It is harder to print AI artwork on canvas on posters when it is very dark. The impact is lost a bit in printing as print contrasts are not as strong - after all the image is not backlit while hanging on the wall, and also if the image displays "dark" topics it is less likely someone might be willing to hang it on their wall permanently.

Detailed descriptions work better

If an image has no, or a very short description, it is not as descriptive to a potential buyer who might, after all, want to know more about the artists thoughts and ideas when creating the artwork.

Related images help sell an image

Having alternatives to an artwork help an art lover who might be willing to buy the piece if there are related images on display. While we try to list related items we sometimes miss the opportunity, and you as artist can DM us on Twitter (or email or DM in other places online) to point out that we should improve your art-listing with better related items.

Want us to create a related item?

By default we start with one item of your AI art for sale (typically a framed canvas wall print). We then add new variants over time. If you want to accelerate this process of creation of additional variants (poster print, greeting card, metal print, even t-shirts or hoodies), please message us.

Share your artwork online

We post about new artwork on our social accounts when it is added. We also re-post in regular intervals that the artwork is available in our gallery. A simple re-tweet or share of any of our posts to your audience greatly improves the chance of a sale as the people following you already love you and might not even know about us yet.

Aspect ratios 🔥

Non 1:1 aspect ratios typically allow for larger prints (considering the shipping cost), so if you want large poster or metal prints, please create additional versions in a non 1:1 aspect ratio.

Helping your artwork get more traffic ✨🔥

Posting to social media with links to your artwork, or posting from your website/web pages helps very much with it being found.

Any suggestions?

Hopefully these tips help a bit, but we would also like to invite you to help us improve these suggestions. Please contact us (DM @wwwAIgallery on Twitter) if you have ideas we should share, thank you.


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