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They Cancelled Superman (poster)

They Cancelled Superman (poster)
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"Once upon a time, I was Superman. I had a great job and was able to provide for my family. I had a good life and I was proud of who I was.

But all that changed when I was laid off from my job. As a white male, there wasn't much chance of getting another job, especially in a time when the economy was in a downturn. So I was left with no choice but to beg in the streets for a living.

At first, it was a difficult transition. I had been so accustomed to being in control of my life, and now I was at the mercy of others. I felt ashamed and embarrassed, but I had no other option.

Although things were tough, I was determined to make the most of my situation. I used my time in the streets to try and help others in need. I couldn't do much, but I offered what I could—a listening ear, a kind word, and a few bucks here and there.

Eventually, I found something that gave me a sense of purpose. I became a mentor to some of the younger kids who were also struggling in the streets. I shared my story with them and tried to give them hope.

Today, I'm still unemployed and living on the streets, but I'm not ashamed anymore. I'm proud to be a white male and I'm proud of all that I've been able to do, even in the toughest of times. I'm living proof that anything is possible, if you just have the courage and determination to try." [GPT-3]

Museum-quality posters made on thick matte paper. Add a wonderful accent to your room and office with these posters that are sure to brighten any environment.

• Paper thickness: 10.3 mil
• Paper weight: 189 g/m²
• Opacity: 94%
• ISO brightness: 104%
• Paper is sourced from Japan

Important: Our printed AI artwork is available in the US, Canada, Europe, and the UK only. If your shipping address is outside these regions, please arrange for an alternate shipping address.

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